Energy Efficiency is the Best Investment for Home Improvement

Making upgrades to increase energy efficiency not only benefits your wallet, but the longevity of the house as well. Greener products and practices such as air zoning, adding insulation, adding weather stripping, and shower valves can all help increase your home’s value in a variety of ways. Here is a breakdown of how these upgrades can impact the living conditions of a home and why they are the best investment you can make for better home improvement.

Healthier Air

Medical professionals have discovered that various forms of bacteria and allergens survive much better in dry than humid air. During winter many people tend to get sick or have worse symptoms of asthma and allergies due to the air in the house because the heat is turned up so high. If you use an HVAC system with a built-in humidifier you can decrease the amount of allergens, viruses, and other harmful bacteria in the house and feel warmer at an even lower temperature.

Preserved Structure

Regular weather-stripping on the roof can prevent leaks from getting into undesired places and cause molds. A house that has been lived in for thirty years already has a decreased enough value with age. Taking care of what you have over time is a lot healthier and cheaper than trying to remodel or add a room to the house just to increase value.

Protect the Interior

In addition to eliminating harmful disease causing bacteria, the moist humid air from humidifiers will not cause as many cracks in wooden floors, furniture, or walls. Dryer air tends to wither paint surfaces faster and makes wood rot over time. Insulation is another thing that can preserve air and temperature in the home. Another convenient energy is to put more insulation in the attic. It will provide cleaner air for that part of the house and is a lot cheaper than adding more to the walls.


The money these customizations save is a great number to be able to brag about. Green upgrades that help regulate temperature, cleanliness of air, and preserve the structure of the house could easily add up to 5% more savings from energy bills.

The benefits of investing in greener home living guarantees a home to last longer and be more habitable. Those with larger family homes would especially do well to adopt more energy efficient practices as they will more than likely want to sell one day when the kids are gone.