Metal Shelving Isn’t Just for Your Garage

Kitchen Supplies

First dress up your metal shelves with a coat of paint in an accent color that complements your kitchen decor. Then arrange your cooking accessories in matching baskets to keep things organized and cut down on shelf clutter.

Minimalist Cuisine

If you’re more likely to use your kitchen to reheat last night’s delivery than to prepare a five-course meal, a well-organized and sparsely populated shelf can attractively store the limited food and kitchen accessories you use. Coordinated canisters and multiples of the same items go a long way toward making your shelves look good.

Pleasingly Stocked Pantry

Organize your surplus food items in your pantry with the help of metal utility shelves. While your pantry may not be as carefully arranged, keeping everything in sight makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for in your storeroom.

Dual-Purpose Room Divider

Let your shelves multitask by holding neatly stacked plates, glasses, and serving pieces while creating a divider between the kitchen and dining room. The open shelving lets the cook converse with dinner guests without fully exposing the chaos of the kitchen.

Laundry Room Utility

Trading one utility space for another, your metal shelves can decamp from the garage to the laundry, where they can help organize detergent, softeners, and stain removers. In laundry rooms that are short on space, consider putting wall-mounted metal shelves above the washer and dryer.

Living Room Flexibility

If an industrial vibe works with your living room decor, use your old shelves to create tableaus of collected items and books, or perhaps even a bar setup. Your houseguests will never guess that your shelves used to house oil cans and antifreeze.

The Organized Office

Storage is vital to a home office, and the simple design of metal shelves can easily blend with a variety of styles. Place often used items on lower shelves and reserve the top for cherished mementos, older files, or objects that inspire or distract you when you need a break.

A Well-Assembled Craft Room

Whether you’re a quilter, a sewing aficionado, or military diorama modeler, you can benefit from a more organized crafting and display area. You’ll do your best work with all your materials neatly arranged and in plain view.

Dining Room Display

The dining room is the perfect place to display your favorite collectibles and conversation starters. Whether you choose to exhibit art books or souvenirs from your travels, you and your guests will find something to talk about.